How can an Award Winning Hypnotherapy Minneapolis office serve you around the world?

Our brand of hypnotherapy is integrated with other gentle energy therapies.  None of which require you to step into our office.  Each program is individualized and designed specifically for your success.  Weekly appointments are provided with unlimited support between sessions.

Using the latest technology, your video sessions are easy to initiate.  Phone sessions are easy, too.  Who uses our services for distance work?  A lot of different type of people.  Here is a short list of communities we serve out of our Hypnotherapy Minneapolis Office.

  • Traveling Professionals
  • Though our main office is in the heart of a city, our programs are designed to also help:
  • Busy Homemakers
  • People in hospitals, clinics, or assisted living communities
  • National and international communities
  • Folks with limited ability to travel whether it’s due to their physical mobility or access to transportation
  • Rural Families
  • Students with full schedules

Getting started is easy.  Start by scheduling a 20-min complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Mel LLeras.  He services communities worldwide from our Hypnotherapy Minneapolis Office.  Use our our online calendar.  Together, we’ll determine whether hypnotherapy with us is the right next step for you.

What types of hypnosis techniques are used at our Hypnotherapy Minneapolis office?

We use a variety of techniques from basic to advanced.  Sometimes, only one is necessary.  Other times, we use a combination of several.  It all depends on what is best for your particular circumstance. Just like any other treatment modality, there may be benefits or side effects.  A well trained practitioner will know when and how to use which.
All our therapies can be integrated into any of your concurrent treatment programs.  In fact, most people find it extremely beneficial to work with us along side their medical or mental health teams.

Our processes tend to allow you to gain more benefit out of those programs.  It’s also not uncommon for the doctors of our clients to “graduate” them from those programs sooner than anticipated.


This is a technique that relies on practical, modern and well researched strategies.  The focus is of this work is on present and future.  The past is not typically addressed.  The goal is to make significant changes in as short of a period of time as possible.

We implement solution focused hypnotherapy for individuals who have a very specific goals with very specific challenges.  This technique is most effective for treating fears and phobias or unwanted behaviors that don’t have a strong emotional trauma attachment.

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child hypnotherapy


In general, children respond very well to hypnotherapy.  Like many adults, children tend to spend a lot of their time already in a state of hypnosis.  Unlike adults, most are not nearly as set in their ways.  This allows them to gain a lot of benefit very quickly from their hypnosis sessions.  Also like adults, we can work with children on a wide variety of issues.  Here’s a short list:

Focus & Concentration | Academic Achievement | Test Anxiety | ADD/ADHD | Athletic Performance | Disciplinary Issues | Bed wetting | Sibling Rivalries | Building Motivation & Self Confidence | Fears & Phobias | Chronic Stress & Anxiety

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Medical hypnotherapy is a type of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).  It’s an alternative therapy for a wide variety of medical issues.  Here are a few examples:

Cancer | Heart Disease | Diseases affecting the Auto Immune System | Chronic Diseases | Pain | Dementia | Infertility

Through this programming, we are able to affect your body’s physical response and reaction to illness and disease.

hypnosis for identity


Ericksonian is an indirect suggestion technique.  It’s applied through metaphorical suggestion or story telling.  We find this especially effective for certain personality types.  It’s also one of the techniques we use for working with:

Sexuality | Gender Identity | Connecting To Your Divine Power | Life Purpose

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Based on psychology and neuroscience, this discipline is a great tool for addressing mental stress and strain.  It’s a very analytical approach to changing unwanted behaviors or breaking through belief systems.

Often times, the person doesn’t even realize they are in a trance state when this technique is being used.

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This is a technique that allows us to work very deep in the subconscious.  Using this process, we can delve into past memories, thoughts, and feelings.  We can explore your childhood.  We can help resolve traumas locked in the subconscious.

We can also explore deep seeded causes for present behaviors.  This includes people living with emotional instability.  We can even help people living with certain mental disorders discover a different way of experiencing life.


When most people think of hypnotherapy, they are thinking of this technique.  It’s considered one of the “less intrusive” processes because we don’t tend to delve too deep into your subconscious.

We aren’t really trying to resolve trauma or change a deeply rooted belief system.  We are simply changing your reaction to a specific trigger.  Most self-hypnosis downloads that are available online utilize this technique, even if they claim to address more than behavior.  It’s one of the safest techniques to use without professional supervision.  Every session at our hypnotherapy Minneapolis office will involve some of this approach.

It is also a great stepping stone technique when addressing behaviors that likely have deep subconscious ties.  We can often use this as a supportive technique to change harmful habits or behaviors that need to top immediately.  Then, transition into another technique if necessary to create permanent change.

Eating Disorders | Weight Loss | Stop Smoking | Nervous Habits | Stress or Anxiety that does not have a deeply rooted cause | Addiction | Substance Abuse

lose weight hypnosis

anxiety therapy


This isn’t technically hypnosis.  However, like hypnotherapy, we are working with your subconscious.  We’re just using specifically programmed sound frequencies to do so.  In this way, we are working more directly with your brain waves.

Like everything else we do these programs are individualized for you.  This is a wonderful form of anxiety therapy.  However, with our background, we are able to use this therapy for other permanent medical and mental health improvements.

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This is another great technique.  It’s especially helpful when there is difficulty identifying the root cause of an issue through conventional psychotherapy.  When using hypnanalysis techniques, we can communicate with your higher consciousness or deeper subconscious.

Often, we resist or keep certain information or experiences hidden while in cognitive therapies.  Thus, those root issues may not even be in our conscious awareness.  This process allows us to explore and identify those root causes even when working with especially difficult life issues so that healing can begin.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This is not technically a hypnotherapy technique.  It’s actually a learning model.  However, you’ll find most hypnotherapists employ this as part of their process.

The “art” of neuro linguistic programming allows us to create our own map of your subconscious by which to navigate.  This is invaluable to us as practitioners.  Applying this process within our sessions allows us to be much more effective.

plr therapy


This is one of the most well known forms of hypnotherapy.  I would argue that it’s also one of the most unstable when not supervised by a trained professional.

Past life regression can be one of the most fascinating and fulfilling experiences you have.  Through it, we can release traumas and discover explanations for weird behaviors.  We may even be able to eliminate certain types of pain and discomfort.

To me, this is definitely an experience worth having at least once in your life.

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